He's famous…kinda

Shaun just called me over to look at a scene from the 48 Hours show he was watching on TV. "Look at her monitor" he said, "What do you see?"

"Um..a puppy?"

"Keep watching, now what do you see?"

"um…looks like a kitty now" I replied not really caring about the computer monitor of a show I wasn't even watching.


"Oh!" It just dawned on me "It's your screensaver isn't it? You're even more famous now!"

He just beamed.

A few minutes later he asked me if I had posted anything to the blog today. (was that a hint? Probably not, but I'm running with it) I told him I hadn't but I'd let him know when I did. I also asked him if he wanted to put him on the announcement thingy that I found that would email him when I made a post. He said he would do it himself. I knew I shouldn't have let him know my password!

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