I Forgot To Mention…

Shaun made the rice crispy treats ALL BY HIMSELF!!! (that's your cue to say "aaaaaahhhhhh" and "ooooohhh" and then burst into spontaneous applause) Mimi did help him by patting it down smoothly, but he made it very clear that he didn't need her to help him. He just let her because he was being nice. Uh huh. He's been telling anyone that would listen so I thought I might as well share it too. Aren't we all proud of him?

I also heard a little more about the walnut brittle (out of peanuts). Shaun had never made this before but was feeling pretty cocky because he had The Cookbook and could follow a recipe. He scoffed at my suggestion to only make one batch at a time, but did grudgingly agree to use the big stock pot instead of the small saucepan. He told me later that he thought I was nuts to use such a huge pot to cook such a small amount of syrup that it barely reached the candy thermometer. Boy was he surprised when he added the baking soda and the whole thing POOOFED up! He only suffered a little burn on his finger.

Off to bed with me. I think I hear sleigh bells…

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0 Responses to I Forgot To Mention…

  1. Tomi says:

    You let shaun in the kitchen? wow, you’ve grown brave since I was there last. 🙂

  2. Mama says:

    See Shaun can learn something new (especially with Meg to help him). You better watch out or he will take over all of your Christmas Cookies and Candy making! Hi Shaun! Mom