It's Beginning to Look a Bit Like Christmas

It’s only a couple days before Christmas and we are just finally getting into the spirit. We’ve gotten a slow start with celebrating the girls’ birthdays and then all of us being sick…but we are making up for it with a vengeance.

KT fixed our tree back to looking like it might actually be a Christmas tree. The poor thing had been attacked by our cats. It’s a fake tree (I know, I know…we live in the Land of Trees, thus should have real one, but we can just step outside if we want to smell cedar or get pine needles on our feet) and our precious little felines like to jump from branch to branch. In doing this, the fake branches fall off of the fake trunk. This makes for an interesting looking tree…crooked with huge gaps. Of course, ornaments and anything that dangles are much too tempting to leave alone and I don’t even want to talk about the poor lights. It looks a little more normal now. I tried to do something in the photo edit to it, and it turned rather green. It’s not very realistic, but I like it. J

There has been an awful lot of whispering going on in the house today. Along with closed bedroom doors and the sounds of rustling paper and tearing scotch tape intertwined with the blasting of Christmas carols. (It seems as though she’s gotten to the age where music is everything and the louder the better) Gifts that had been stashed away have come out to be wrapped and then mysteriously arrive under the tree. (Well, except for me. I tend to hide things so well that even I can’t find them!) It’s so fun to see the girls interesting in giving as opposed to getting. Don’t get me wrong, they are still pretty excited about getting.

This evening it dawned on us that we hadn’t done any holiday baking. Even though our youngest is now 12, there is still the slight fear that Santa won’t come if he doesn’t have chocolate chip cookies and milk left for him. Oh yes, and we mustn’t forget about the carrots for the reindeer. So, we have a batch of yummy cookies all ready. Of course, being who we are, we simply couldn’t stop at one type of cookie. So there are also a couple batches of dough in the fridge ready to be baked in the morning. We plan on delivering a small assortment to a few lucky (depending on your point of view) friends and neighbors.

Tomorrow promises to be a very busy and exciting day. I’m glad that my babies still see the wondrous magic in this time of year.

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  1. Mom says:

    Sus, you should add the recipe for those cookies to this section. They look good enough to eat. Just keep those granddaughters of mine away from them. Mom

  2. It’s just the recipe on the bag of chips. Only KT melted the frozen butter in the microwave. The warm butter started melting the chips a little, thus we have chocolaty chocolate chip cookies!

    She felt really awful because she didn’t know that you weren’t supposed to melt the butter. She hasn’t quite grasped the concept of a happy accident yet. 🙂

  3. Kaitie says:

    Hey, I heard that!

    Also, loud music is great, I don’t understand why you don’t like it!

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