National Dontyoudaregetdressed Day

In honor of this little known, but beloved holiday, we didn’t get dressed all day.  That’s right, we were bums hanging out in our pjs.  Actually, I didn’t realize that it was the actual holiday until around 5:00 and that’s when it hit me! No wonder we hadn’t gotten dressed!

It all started with KT insisting that we actually play all those games that she talked me into tucking under the tree this year.  Silly me, I thought we’d be able to tuck them in the closet with all the other games and just leave them there.  Sigh…I’m not really a board game player.  

I have to admit that I was a bit astounded at how competitive my little girl had gotten.  She actually wailed in frustration when we tried to alter the rules just a smidge.  She even sulked when she was losing! She is getting more and more like her daddy every day.  

We played games pretty much all day long, finishing up just in time to eat the prime rib Shaun had been working on. Yum! (The girls wouldn’t eat it, of course, so they had vegetarian pizza.) and watch one Christmas special.

Right here is the point where I would gush about how much I loved spending a lazy, fun filled day with just my family.  I would write about how much fun we all had together and how special I thought each member was…but I’m not gonna.  Shaun says I keep ending things in a “sappy” way.  So, I have to  prove him wrong.  I’ll just say…hmmm…I know…it was a good day. Wait, is that sappy? I won’t say  that either.  Hmm, ok here it is, the perfect ending to my little whatever it is.  Are you ready? No sap here…The End.


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