Who's Reading This???

Call me a dead cat! (You know…as in, curiosity killed the cat…keep up with me!) As of this morning there have been 120 views of my blog and 24 views of my profile. And I've only been doing this for about a week. It’s driving me nuts! The only place I’ve sent out the info on my blog so far is on my Christmas cards (I'm rather proud that I actually managed to get out this year) Yet the only ones who have 'fessed up to reading this are my parents and Shaun. I don't really care who's reading it…I just want to know who! LOL

So, I got an email from Mom saying she wrote me a nice comment then couldn't figure out how to make it post. So I'm going to tell her how. Keep this for future reference if you too are challenged in this area. (You may also want to scroll down to the post titled "It's not just me!" before you completely believe what I'm about to tell you. I'm not really a techie type)

Click where it says "0 comments" on the bottom of my posts. A window will pop up. Type your very nice comment 🙂

Then scroll down to where it says "Choose an identity" Click "other" then fill in your name.

Then click the blue button that says "Publish your comment"

Yea! You did it!! Didn't you? Didn’t you??? Right???

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