A Tale of Two Marys

Just to clear up a little confusion, we have not one, but two Aunt Marys. (Lucky us!) Just to make it even more confusing, they both come complete with Uncle Bills. What are the odds of that? My first thought was that when you come from an Irish Catholic family, there is going to be huge odds of ending up with that combo. But then I remembered…I’m not Irish, nor am I Catholic. (See how much brainwashing the Irishman I live with has done?) In an effort to prevent another case of…”Huh…It’s not Mary’s birthday…that doesn’t look anything like her either!” I will try to clarify.

The first Aunt Mary (who I will simply call “Aunt Mary” because I had her first) is my dad’s sister. She lives somewhere in MI State. If I could show you the palm of my hand I would show you where. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t worry about it. It’s some strange ritual they do over there…)

The next Aunt Mary (who we shall call “Aunt Mary from OZ” or “Aunt Mary Down Under”) is Shaun’s dad’s sister. If you haven’t caught on yet, they bravely packed up and headed off to Australia on a fascinating and wild adventure thirty or so odd years ago.

There, all straightened out now?

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