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Now that Shaun is home again, he seems to want his Jeep back.  It doesn’t matter to him that I don’t want to give it back.  It also doesn’t matter how big of a hissy fit I throw.  (OK, in my defense, I didn’t actually have one, but I just know it wouldn’t matter!)  He seems to think I don’t drive his cherished Jeep with the proper respect it deserves.  He nearly had some sort of attack when I told him that we had shined it and washed all that nasty mud off of it for him.  

So…FINE. He can have his silly ol’ Jeep back!  It’s not really practical for me to drive anyways.  I really do adore my mini-van. I’ve missed driving it.  It’s a very practical vehicle.  It’s nice and roomy.  I can fit my kids in it.  And all of their stuff.  And four extra kids…and all of their stuff.  I don’t have to worry about standing in the rain outside the van in the Costco parking lot, wondering where in the world I could fit the rest of my purchases after I loaded up the one bag of dog food. Yep, I’m just as happy as a clam with my van.  

I don’t need to look cool and unique.  I don’t need to use the “secret handshake” with all the other Jeep drivers (they just look at me oddly when I do it from the van!) I no longer feel the urge to drive up over curbs and splash through puddles. It didn’t matter to me that the van went just a little out of control when I tried to drive over a huge mound of ice cubes that happened to be in a parking lot yesterday.  Sigh…

I’m thrilled to be driving my van again.  Really.  

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