Girl's Day Out

Last night, right before KT fell asleep, she told me that we need to do something wonderful and highly memorable today. Miss Bossy Pants then told me that she expected a list of ten good ideas to be ready for her in the morning. She then added the stipulation that it could not include such mundane tasks as cleaning or working on the house of any sort. Naturally, I just told her that she was a strange child and that she needed to go to sleep. Then, kind mama that I am, I relented and jotted down two items on her list. They were to sort out the stuff in the garage and hose out the van. (See, no cleaning and nothing to do with the house!)

So, this morning, once she finally managed to drag us out of bed, just slightly after dawn, KT got out her white board and started to demand responses from her sister and I. She ran back and forth between the rooms that Mimi and I were in, tallying our answers of what we would all most like to do. I finally took pity on her and told her that we could do several of our responses and call it a Girl’s Day Out. That seemed to content her for a moment.

Next thing I knew, she was asking me how long I thought it would take to do each thing. I indulged her and gave her my estimates. Then, after absent mindedly answering for a bit, I happened to glance over and saw that she had everything listed in the order she thought they should be done. Right beside that, was the time that we would do it! I just looked at her and told her in very clear terms that she would NOT structure our day out. Her face just crumbled. I’ve never seen such despair on a girl. I couldn’t help it…I just had to do the unthinkable…I laughed! OK, I didn’t just laugh, I guffawed, I snorted and hooted!

My darling angel just came in here to chastise at me for not being ready to go yet. (Who’s the mom again?) The snoop in her (that would come from my mother) made her read this over my shoulder. Oh the outrage! She went so far as to accuse me of fudging the truth! What a horrible child! So…I guess I have to come clean and set the record straight. I MAY have embellished things just a teeny tiny bit. (Like, we aren’t really planning on hosing out the van…it’s not that bad yet) We are now off to have a fun-filled, well-planned day!

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