My Epiphany

Shaun told me that I really needed to start blogging again. That my loyal readers (I only call them that because he did, and well…Ashley won’t let me call her my groupie!) were starting to get restless. Meaning that HE was getting restless and wanted to read more. Does he not hear enough of what I have to say as it is?

He went on to tell me that I needed to find something that makes me happy and blog about that. Why doesn’t he think I’m happy? Could that possibly have anything to do with the fact that my every spare thought is focused on that DANG FLOOR? Is it possible that he’s getting as tired of it as I am. (tee hee)

So, about the floors…sigh…I thought it was pretty much done when Shaun came home from CES two weeks ago. OK, there were a few flaws…maybe those expanding margins were a bit too wide. I’m still not convinced that setting the floor boards down at a sight angle wouldn’t have covered up that problem nicely. Why did I have to marry a perfectionist? If I had only managed to get it done before he got back, he never would have known.

Anyways, I pulled up most of the boards and set about re-doing them. Not being comfortable with power tools nor even a measuring devise, it’s taking me way too long. This, coupled with my well known short attention span and lack of interest in minor details, is causing us all a great deal of stress.

Then, last night, or perhaps I should say in the wee hours of this morning…I had a vision. Perhaps it was more of an epiphany. Yes, I'm sure that's what it was. In this epiphany, I saw myself ripping up those blasted boards yet again, only this time I replaced them with paint! I actually know someone who did this. She “accidentally” spilled paint all over her ucky carpeting. (I’ve also heard the version that she was using spray paint and the over spray ruined the carpet…either way, same result) Not being able to afford a new flooring, they simply ripped up all the carpeting and she had her husband paint the floor boards bright yellow. Then he made big splashes of contrasting red all over the bright yellow and finished it off with a few coats of polyurethane. I know it sounds rather…bizzare, but I think it looks way kewl. And it has the added benefit of being so tough you could skate on it…maybe even ice skate.

I’m really leaning towards that idea. Isn’t that a happy thought? Won’t Shaun be happy? I knew you’d feel that way. Problem solved. Now I can start blogging again.

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