Number Trouble

There was a message on my machine from my boss, Mary Ann. She is an extremely organized person and is getting our W-2 forms ready for us. Only she had a little problem with mine, she still wasn’t quite sure what my correct social security number was. The first year I started working for her, I confidently filled out all that paperwork with my Social Security number. Only it wasn’t quite right…I just got it a little mixed up. It seems as though the IRS doesn’t really care much for those little mix-ups. Oops. So, I gave her the correct number. Only…it wasn’t quite right either… You’d think we’d have it right after four years.

I do come by these number problems quite honestly. (Yes, it’s my mother’s fault) Numbers just don’t stay put in my brain. They tend to wiggle around in there and do their own thing. I always marvel at people that can rattle off every phone number they have ever known. I personally am rather proud to have mastered a whopping five phone numbers. My home number, in self-defense because people always think they need it; Jeanne’s and Susan’s, from frequent use; my cell number, only because KT got frustrated with me and taught me about how 2 8(ate) 3 and then that hungry 0 8(ate) 7 (knowing that made perfect sense. Now you know how MY brain works!) and Shaun’s cell, but only because it’s so similar to mine. Oh, and most of the time I can get Shaun’s work number on the first try. Although sometimes I get the last couple digits mixed up with my Social Security number.

Speaking of which, I have the correct, Shaun approved, Social Security number written down and tucked next to my car keys ready to bring in tomorrow. Did I mention that Mary Ann got audited for the first time in nearly thirty years last year? I can’t help but wonder if I’m at all to blame for that…

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  1. Mama says:

    Don’t blame for your mistakes, I have “number” mistakes of my own. Mom

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