Speaking of Sports…

We’re going to the SUPER BOWL, Baby!

OK, so I probably wouldn’t even know that Super Bowl Sunday was coming up except for the fact that we’ve been invited to a party for it. Oh yeah, and there’s that thing about Seattle going CRAZY! Everywhere you look you see “Seahawk Blue” and big signs that shout out “Go Hawks!”

Maybe it’s just me (and please remember that I don’t get the sport fanatic thing at all) but I don’t recall anyone getting excited over the Seahawks before all this playoff business. Usually it’s Husky Fever or maybe an occasional Coug Fan. But what do I know?

I can still remember in another lifetime when a friend of mine nearly messed all over herself because I had concluded that the Super Bowl was the Big Daddy of all those little bowls…you know, the Rose Bowl, The Apple Bowl, the Orange Bowl, etc…it made perfect sense to me.(in fact, it still does!) Of course, I now know that those little bowls are for the mere college players and the Super Bowl is for the pros.

Of course, I’ll root our team on. It’s kinda fun to get caught up in the craziness of it all. However I refuse to hop on the band wagon and pretend that I’ve been a fan all along,(or that it really matters to me) Go Sparks!

EDIT: Apparently you need to read the post below this one to understand my last little remark. It makes perfect sense to me, but some people… 🙂

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  1. I also want the seahawks to win

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