Well…he didn't hate it…

It would have helped if we’d been able to finish what we had started, (the saw deciding to fill the room with smoke sorta nixed those plans) I’m still not quite sure how Shaun feels about our “little project” He knew that we were up to something, but hadn’t figured out what it was. Boy was he in for a shock!

So, he walks into the house after the shuttle dropped him off a little after one in the morning. He looks up and notices that our formerly stark white walls are now vibrant shades of yellow and rose.

He may be exhausted and bleary eyed, but he still can't help but noting that the carpeting in the hall and the dining room has all been ripped up and we have pergo stuff on most of it. As we hadn’t been able to finish laying it yet (due to technical difficulties) there were a few spots where the floor boards were showing. Oh and all that furniture that used to be in the dining room? It is now crammed into the living room, leaving only a lone kitchen chair for everyone to sit on.

I have to give him credit though, he handled the shock pretty well. Shaun doesn’t care (and this is a really mild word for it)for change or disorder of any sort and we gave him tons of both! Poor feller… Good thing he's tough. I guess you have to be living with me!

I’ll take some photos and tell you more tonight. Right now, Nigel, my sweet kitty has decided that it’s time for me to lavish some attention on him and he’s not taking “no” for an answer!

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