Catastrophe Prevented

Perhaps you recall the Battle of the Q-tips? Well, it nearly escalated, but thanks to my level headed thinking, I prevented an all out war.

So, I went out in the kitchen wrapped in my towel to get a Q-tip as has become the habit in our house. They weren’t there! NO WAY!! Could I have won? Could he have possibly put them away like he was supposed to? I triumphantly scurried back down the hall to our bathroom and searched for the Q-tips. They weren’t there. Believe me, I looked in every possible hiding spot. Hmmm…hiding spot…oh no….

I ran back to the kitchen screeching to a halt in front of the fridge. I stared at the freezer section wondering what I going to have to do to Ashley for suggesting such a plan. It would have to be drastic. Poor Ashley. Slowly I opened the freezer to find…just a bunch of half-freezer burned veggie burgers and green beans. She was so lucky!

I found myself glaring down at the snoring man in my bed. What form of torture should I perform to make him ‘fess up about the Q-tip location? I considered a bucket of water (didn’t want to change the sheets) painting his nails (fun, but too subtle) ice cubes (didn’t have any) or just waking him up and asking him (not creative enough).

Instead, I wandered the house. Where could they be? Hiding things really isn’t his style. I looked in the kitchen again. Finally, I found them! They were right where I had put them when I was cleaning off the table last night. Oops.

Good thing I prevented the war by being so level headed!

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  1. ashley says:

    hee hee. glad I’m not in trouble! though it would have been a little funny. 🙂

  2. daddy says:

    you are too much, I had a great laugh on this one Dad

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