Friday Night Follies

Mimi’s second performance of the week was at our school’s talent show. She had been rehearsing all that for a couple weeks as well. (Where does she find room to keep all that stuff in her head along with all her normal stuff? I don’t even have room for an extra phone number in my head!)
She and her friend E opened the show by asking the audience to stand and join them in singing the national anthem. It was a very poignant moment watching my little girl sing in front of an audience of thousands (OK, maybe a few less than that) for her very last time at her elementary school. I didn’t cry, but I know someone else that did…

Then we had to sit through 497 acts involving other people’s kids. (Notice how Mimi made sure she was in both the opening and closing act? I’m pretty sure she did this to make sure we couldn’t sneak in early or out late) I actually enjoy our talent show or Follies as they are called. Kids are so much fun to watch. Despite careful planning, you never know exactly what will happen. Anyways, we finally got to the “Sixth Grade Grand Finale”, a tradition at our school. This year, the sixth graders were dancing to “Thriller”. Now, I could probably do this dance in my sleep as many times as I had seen it and heard about all the moves. I wasn’t prepared for the final impact of the group perfomance though. They were all dressed as zombies complete with great makeup and wild hair. It was an awesome performance! (I noticed somebody with weepy eyes after that one too)
This is a close-up of our little zombie. Isn’t she lovely? She looks sad because…well…she is. In fact after the show, all of the sixth grade girls were huddled up bawling. One of their classmates was moving the next day and they were having a hard time dealing with it. Kinda like someone I know having a hard time dealing with little girls growing up…

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