Happy Groundhog Day

Apparently the little varmint saw his shadow today. Sigh…couldn’t he just peek out and keep his eyes closed? I shouldn’t complain. We really haven’t had much of a winter. One day of snow and some rain. Well, lots and lots and lots of rain.

I realize that living in the PNW means living with rain. I actually like the rain. It usually lifts my spirits and makes me happy. I’ve actually wished that it would rain during the short dry spells we have in the summer. Sigh…Mother Nature seems to be going a bit overboard this year. Oh well…it will all balance out.

I’m just not sure what to tell the green daffodil shoots growing in my little flower bed. (My brown thumb and I had nothing to do with them, they just decided to start growing) I can only hope the little varmint (Isn’t his name supposed to be Phil or something like that?) was just imagining things. He could be wrong once in a while couldn’t he? I would really like a break from the rain and mostly, I would really like my poor little almost flowers to live.

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