Me, a criminal?

You’d think that I had committed one of the worst crimes against all of humanity from the outpour of dismay from an amazing amount of people. It wasn’t like I was trying to do something ghastly, in fact, quite the opposite. I was being responsible. (I must get this from my father)

What is this appalling thing that I have done? Well, I had our last two “unaltered” critters in our small zoo “fixed”. Can you believe I would do such a thing?

We just love kittens in our family. (Who wouldn’t?) They are nothing short of adorable. The only thing about them is that they turn into cats (and then make more kittens)

Last spring, we made the decision to let our cat Lucy have kittens. (If I had known how awful it was to live with a cat in heat it probably wouldn’t have happened. All that howling! Then her little boyfriends started coming in through the dog door. What a nightmare! Everyone seems to forget about that part) We thought it would be a good, perhaps even educational experience for the girls to witness the miracle of birth firsthand. I still have fond memories of watching our neighbor’s dog give birth when I was a kid. I just wanted my girls to have the same sort of memories.

So, we had baby kitties. (And I’m not going to mention that fact that my rotten brother hauled us off to Canada as we had already planned before Lucy went into labor. I’m completely over the fact that we missed seeing the last kitten be born. Really.) We loved our baby kitties and had a very hard time letting them go to the homes we had selected for them. And yes, I do mean selected. There were a couple families that I refused to let have a kitten for various reasons. Like the one lady who said she wanted one for each of her girls and promised to lock them in the garage every night so they wouldn’t get eaten by coyotes like the last four kittens had been. Hello? These are Royal Kittens, they only sleep on tufted pillows and eat out of crystal goblets. (OK, maybe not that spoiled, but locked in the garage?)

Having kittens was a wonderful experience. And I love the fact that we are still updated on how our babies are doing out in the world. But this was a one shot deal. I can handle Shaun being upset that I didn’t actually “forget” to have them fixed. (He thinks we should have a whole slew of baby critters at all times) It doesn’t bother me a bit that the girls and all their friends are miffed at me. I’m proud of what I did, and would do it again in a heartbeat! Still…it would’ve been nice…

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