Erin Go Braugh

Last night, while we were sleeping, our mischievous little friend Paddy O’Furniture (otherwise known as the Magical Leprechaun) came to visit. The girls were thrilled to find that he had once again magically turned our milk green and our cereal into Lucky Charms. (It’s true, they are magically delicious.) But what a nasty color combination!  

The sneaky little elf also left presents! Each girl received a fun new green shirt and some cute little hair things with shamrocks on them.  Unbelievable, it was those hair things that caused all of the trouble.  Mimi came into the bathroom to find that KT was using her new hair things to tie off the end of two braids.  Being the little sister, Mimi immediately began to copy the clever style much to her big sister’s horror. Thus the battle began.  

I have learned that when the girls start up like that, as long as they don’t get too loud, disrespectful or physical, it works better to just let them figure it out.  So, I removed myself from the area.  Little did I know that a bigger battle was brewing.    

Shaun has gotten into the habit of staying up really late, then coming to bed, popping in some earplugs, then not getting up until after we have gone.  Apparently, last night, one of the earplugs came out.  The girls bickering started to penetrate his slumbering state, and he started to growl.  Soon, like a rudely awaked bear, his growling became a full fledged roar.  I came upstairs expecting to find two little girls who had resolved their troubles, but instead came up to tears and an angry Irishman.  (I nearly ran back downstairs, but decided I had to defend my poor little cubs)

Soon all was calm and we headed back to our normal routine.  With one major exception.  Shaun was still up and for some reason wanted to be part of our routine. He started giving us advise on how we should do things and making sure the girls wouldn’t miss the bus or forget anything or…or….  (it’s not like we hadn’t figured this stuff out years ago)  The funniest part of this was that he was still wearing one earplug (and he doesn’t hear so good out of the unplugged ear) so he was shouting everything.  Then we had to repeat ourselves a zillion times so that he could hear us.  

Sigh…at times like these I just refer to the little magnet that Shaun’s aunt gave me years ago.  It simply says “Living with an Irishman builds character”.  

Boy do I have a lot of character.  

Edit to add: Yes, I'm well aware that St Patrick's day was a week ago and not last night. I'm trying to catch up…just work with me, OK? And, no my cubs weren't in any real danger from the growly ol' bear. Well, maybe the possiblitity of missing the bus…

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    hi I think that one of these am’s you girls should ( I think I will save this for a email) hee hee. mom

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