Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

I’ve always loved Dr. Seuss. He has a wonderful silliness that absolutely appeals to me. This is a man has that inspired so many to read. It amazes me that he does this simply by making up words and goofy stories! What’s not to love about that? If I make up a few words here and there, all I get is a severe eye roll. (And they never listen when I tell them they are going to get stuck that way…)

It just dawned on me that I’m writing about Dr. Seuss in present tense. I started to go back and correct everything to past tense and then I stopped myself. He may have died nearly 15 years ago, but I believe that he is an icon that will never truly die. Hmmm…I never before thought of Dr. Seuss and Elvis as having anything in common. I wonder if we’ll ever have Dr. Seuss sightings? I guess, in a way, we already do…only we call him the Cat in the Hat.

Today the girls are thrilled to be participating in “Read Across America” in honor of Dr. Seuss. What a wonderful thing to be able to go to school in your jammies and just read ALL day long. (With a HUGE bonus of not having any homework to worry about for tonight!)

In preparation for this joyful day, KT emptied out her backpack and stuffed in a pillow, her books and as many snacks as she could come up with.

Mimi…Oh Mimi…she brought a pillow, a blanket, a big huge stuffed dog and two pigs. She also felt the need to bring lots of snacky stuff. (I had no idea that my children couldn’t read without eating several snacks.) I was rather amused to discover that our little Mimi had completely forgotten to pack her book!

In addition to all of her reading gear, Mimi dressed up. She wore a big red and white striped hat and painted on a nose and whiskers. We also quickly made her a big swishy cat tail that she tucked into the back of her waistband. I have to say that I thought she looked adorable. Of course, as I was dropping her off for school she had to quickly scan the playground to make sure that she wouldn’t be the only one dressed up!

As for me, I’m just trying to cook up a little silliness to ensure some major eye rolling this evening. I’m thinking maybe I’ll feed them green eggs for dinner (I wasn’t awake enough to make any this morning.) Naturally, I’ll have to make some words up and speak in goofy rhymes as well. Who knows what else I’ll come up with?
Here’s to you Dr. Seuss. Thanks for all you have given to us!

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