My Way of Thinking

There’s a funny little thing that KT and I tend to do together that I like to call “The Random Game”.  Usually it starts when I say something completely unrelated to what we were talking about out of the blue.  She’ll almost always look at me oddly and say “That’s so random, where did that come from?”  

Then I can almost see the wheels of her brain start to turn faster and faster.  I’m pretty sure that she is trying to figure out how I came up with that.  Pretty soon, her face will change again and she’ll start looking around her.  Then she’ll make some sort of seemingly random statement. (Awww…isn’t that sweet? My baby wants to be just like me!) Much to her dismay, I can almost always pinpoint where it came from.

I try to explain to her that she can never be more random than I am.  (It’s amusing to me that she sees this as a desirable trait)  It isn’t really something that I am striving towards.  My brain just works in ways that she will never ever understand. Heck, I can barely understand it myself and I’ve lived with it for many years.  

Even Shaun struggles to understand how my mind works.  Sometimes he’ll ask me what I’m thinking about.  Generally I tell him that I’m not thinking about anything because it’s just too much effort to explain to him what’s going on in this head of mine.  If he persists in knowing what’s going on, I’ll take a deep breath and start rattling on. And I do mean rattling, I’m rarely ever thinking of just one thing. There’s always several unrelated thoughts going on at once.

This could be a possible explanation as to why I get things mixed up sometimes.  It’s not unheard of for me to tell a family member that the shirt they are looking for is in the oven or that I want them to get all of their cats out of the gas station before they go in the house. (I’m sure Shaun could gleefully give you a zillion examples of my brain goofs) I figure these are a slight crossing of the wires in my head. No big deal.  I’ve trained my family well and they can pretty much figure out what I mean.  Sometimes it can be a challenge, but I have a lot of faith in them.  

Shaun often tells me that something I say or do “isn’t logical”.  It just occurred to me that it is indeed logical.  He just needs let his mind get a little more agile to be able to take the leaps and curves that mine can do.  The way I’m seeing it right now, I’m the most logical person there is.  Now that’s random thinking!

(Are you confused? I’m not)

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  1. ashley says:

    My friends used to refer to the way I thought as ‘ashley logic’. I suppose they didn’t find it similar to the average boring human logic. I choose to believe they felt ‘ashley logic’ was superior. 🙂

  2. Well, of course it’s superior!–>

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