Scrambled Eggs

It seems that most people think that the perfect cure for almost any illness is homemade chicken noodle soup.  Not me.  I think of something completely different. (And of course, it’s all my mother’s fault.)

What I remember most about being sick when I was a kid was that my mom would make scrambled eggs for me when I was ready to eat again.  Yes, scrambled eggs.  I have no idea why she decided that was the best healing food, but it always made me feel better. Whatever you say about my mother’s cooking, she makes the best scrambled eggs ever. And they always taste best when you are sick.  

KT was feeling better yesterday and told me she was starving.  Did my girl want scrambled eggs? Oh no…she wanted an omelet.  (Well la dee da to her!) She didn’t want just any omelet either, she wanted an olive and cheese omelet made by the world famous boiling method. I had to burst her bubble when I told her we had no freezer bags and couldn’t do it.  

So I found myself making her an omelet…muttering the whole time about how spoiled rotten my kids were.  I carefully chopped the olives as we only had whole ones.  (She didn’t like the idea of just dropping them in that way) and thinly sliced the cheese.  I was carefully added them to the cooking eggs making sure they didn’t get browned when I heard,

“Mooooommmmm! That’s not an omelet!”  

Huh? I looked down at what I was doing.  KT’s “omelet” was actually scrambled eggs with olives and cheese mixed in.  Oops.  

Sounds like the perfect healing food to me!

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  1. mom says:

    yea susie. I hate chicken noodle soup. That’s why I didn’t fix it. OOPS mama

  2. ashley says:

    funny how either way the feel better food comes from a chicken

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