Sickie Poo

Our KT is home sick today.  She is achy and has been running a fever.  When she feels like this, she goes into “Baby Girl Mode”.  She’s not needy or whiney, she wants me with her constantly.  

We have spent most of the day with her hot little body snuggled up close to mine.  We had to watch the Academy Awards.  (I thought I had dodged that bullet, but noOOooo.) We are also reading Tuck Everlasting.  Maybe I should be clear and say *I* have been reading.  My poor girl says her eyes hurt too much to read.  Sigh…

She’s back, pestering me to hold her and read to her again.  I’ve got to go, but I just thought I’d let you all know that I haven’t forgotten about this.  (Mostly I just don’t want Shaun to whine at me too!)

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