All Hail the Queen

I’ve always known that I have Royal Blood flowing through my veins. This, of course, comes directly from my mother, Her Royal Majesty, Queen of All. Where she got this title I no idea. I only know that it is true. Just ask her. (I double dog dare ya!)

Since my mother is the Queen, that makes me Heir to the Throne. I accept this duty gracefully. I have always known that I am a princess. I even have photos somewhere of me wearing my crown as a young girl. I love my crown. It is the most beautiful crown in the world. It is even lovelier when you realize that my mother dotingly hand crafted it for me out of tin foil.

Even Shaun calls me a princess. This is usually associated with “The Fussy Princess” or “The Princess and the Pea”. Isn’t that one of the sweetest things you have ever heard of? My beloved associates me with the heroines of dearly loved books for children. I am so blessed.

Not very many people know of my Royal Status. We like to keep it quiet because of Paparazzi problems and all that. But this morning, I discovered that something has happened to change all that. I visited one of my favorite blogs and found that Ellen, one of the royalist queens I know, (aside of my mother) has added me to her Court. She even made this lovely watercolor of me to commemorate the event. Now, the entire world will know what I really am. Sigh…I gracefully accept my duty.

Thanks Ellen!

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