Don't Rain On My Parade

Today is our town’s annual All Fool’s Day parade. Or, as some like to call it, the Basset Hound Parade. The main draw is a whole herd of basset hounds dressed in whatever crazy costume their people’s imagination could come up with.

I’m pretty sure that they chose basset hounds because they have got to be some of the most easy going creatures on the planet. (Some would call that attribute laziness) I mean, seriously, there is no way I could imagine either of our labs letting us put them in a goofy costume, let alone docilely walking down the middle of the street with about thirty other labs with zillions of people cheering them on.

Sadly, this year, I’m not going to see the parade. (Not that I’m pouting or anything) Mimi is has martial arts testing at the same time as the parade. Somebody had to take her and Shaun is going photography shooting with his friends. I was invited to come to, but there was still that pesky little problem of who would take the kid? The really sad part about the photo expedition was that shooting the parade was my idea. Sigh…(not that I would ever sulk or anything).

To make matters worse, we got a phone call last night that Mimi’s Girl Scout troop was going to be in the parade after all. She didn’t seem to care one way or another that she would miss out, but I was really bummed. I wanted her to be in the parade. And I wanted to march along with her! (Can you tell that I like this silly little parade?)

So, this morning, when I woke up, it was to the sound of rain pounding down on the roof. In case you didn’t know, rain isn’t unusual here in Seattle. But for it to rain hard enough that you actually hear is unusual. Now I know that this is really bad. Please understand that I just couldn’t help it. I felt a teeny tiny twinge of vengeance that it was going to rain so hard on that parade. I may have even laughed a little. (But I felt really bad about being so petty later!)

It's not like a little rain could keep Seattlites away from a parade, after all, we're used to that stuff. All I can say is that next year they better not try to keep me from that parade!

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