Just Ducky

Shaun and the girls were playing Frisbee in the park when all of a sudden Shaun took a moment to be silly and pointed to a bird flying in the sky.

“Look! A bird!” he shouted out, in an effort to distract his Frisbee obsessed girl. KT squinted her eyes and looked at it for a moment and finally asked what kind of bird it was. Shaun gave her a funny look before telling her that it was a duck.

“Ducks can’t fly!” exclaimed our brilliant daughter.

“Yes they can!” replied Shaun incredulously.

“Are you sure?” KT asked. “I always thought that they couldn’t…you know…like chickens.”

Sigh…just when we thought we had taught our girls most of what they need to know to get through life, they astound us with something like this. I guess we better have another chat about the birds and the bees. It seems as though they got the wrong version…

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  1. oddmix says:

    LOL. Not a farm kid, is she?

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