What a day!

We have made it here safe and sound to our nation’s capital. What an amazing place. Everywhere you look is yet another little piece of our country’s rich history. I’m very surprised to find how emotional I have been this entire day. (I suppose some of it could be from lack of sleep)

We spent most of our day at the Smithsonian Institution. Oh my. Of course, I have heard of this place…who hasn’t? What I didn’t know, was that this wasn’t just one big huge museum, but a series of several huge museums. Our group separated into small groups and just explored. We had what seemed like way too much time to see whatever we wanted. We saw everything from a cat mummy, to Dorothy’s Ruby Red Slippers. We reverently gazed upon the original Constitution and Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence. We gaped at the bones of huge dinosaurs that once roamed the earth as well as the Hope Diamond. We admired works of art that I have always heard of and seen photos of but never dreamed I’d actually see in real life. I couldn’t resist taking my own photo of Rodin’s “The Thinker” (which is much smaller than I thought it would be) as well as one of Degas Dancers. (nobody says they are any good, but they are mine)

I still get shivers thinking about all the wonderful things we saw. I also feel huge pangs of sorrow that I won’t have time to see but a tiny fraction of what there is to see. (Did I mention that it doesn’t cost anything to see these wonders? That in itself is a wonder as well)

I know that I have more to write, but I think that I am just beyond exhausted. We have been going non-stop since yesterday morning. I will admit to dozing off once or twice today if I stayed still for more than a minute. (I’m SO glad they canceled our evening tour.) My children are nestled all snug in their beds with door watchers parked out in the hall to prevent any of these precious children from sneaking out. (Not MY kids…all the other kids!) It’s time for me to join my roomie in sweet snoring slumber. I just hope I can make it though tomorrow!

NOTE: I can’t get any more photos to upload to Blogger. Sorry about that.

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