And she's brainy too!

Last night was one of those proud parent moments. You know, the kind where you wait and wait for those other kids to be recognized until they finally get to your child…the only one that really counts.

Actually, it was a really nice ceremony. It was fun seeing so many kids that we just don’t see that often any more. And the speaker, a ninth grade boy, was amazing! How rare for an even an adult to be witty, charming and insightful. He was so comfortable speaking to a group of his peers and their parents. I just know that kid will go far.

But enough about those kids… Last night, our beautiful KT was inducted into the National Honor Society for the second year in a row. This is an organization that promotes academic excellence, leadership skills and community service. Don’t we have a neat kid?

I can think of two quick improvements though. There was one girl who was so well trained that she would stop to pose and give a lovely smile to her mother who was patiently waiting with her camera. If we had trained our girl to do that, she wouldn’t be even a tiny bit blurry in this photo of her shaking hands with her school principal.

Also, she seems to have developed a slight memory problem. Shortly before we pulled into the school parking lot, KT remembered that we were supposed to bring some sort of dessert for the reception afterwards. Oops. We quickly solved that problem by deciding that we would claim to have brought a white plate of chocolate chips cookies. Surely there would be a couple items that would match that description.

Of course we had to tell everyone about our silly plan. Wasn’t that a smart idea? (academic excellence) We entertained everyone (community service)while admitting that we messed up (leadership skills)! Now do you see where KT gets it from? I wonder if our folks are as proud of us as we are of our girl? Hmmm….

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