Election Results

“Hello?” I asked as I picked up the phone

“Hi…is KT there?” responded the voice on the other end

“No…she’s still at school. Can I take a message for you?”

“Well… I just wanted to call and congratulate KT!”

“You did? Congratulate her for what?” I asked cautiously

Then she proceeded to tell me in her very chatty way, all the election details, how close the election way, how she felt bad for the other candidates, how amazing everyone thought the posters were and how she sooo wanted one of KT’s tiaras because everyone says they were sooo cool.

Huh? The day of the election, before anyone but the candidates were supposed to even possibly find out the results, a friend from another school knows all the details?? Wow…word sure does get around!

Shortly after that conversation I went to pick KT up from her school. I just looked at her as she plopped into the car. She had been on a field trip with the orchestra so I wondered if she had even heard the news. Of course she had, but in a very roundabout way.

KT told me that soon after she got back to the school all sorts of people kept coming up and congratulating her. She had won! Well, technically she only half won as it was a tie. The boy with the mean friends was now her co-representative.

One of the first things KT wanted to do was make some sort of a fun thank you for all of her campaign working friends. (Yes, a proud parent moment!) So she came up hand written thank you notes on balloons with a candy bar attached to it.

Yep, we’re pretty proud of our girl. She even made sure her friend from the other school got a tiara! I’m sure that she will make a great Representative.

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