Isn't it purrrr-ty?

I’ve wanted a fun banner for the longest time, but couldn’t figure out how I would get it up there. I didn’t even bother trying to design something because what would be along the lines of “all dressed up and nowhere to go”!

So, the other night I was hunting on the Blogger site and anywhere else I could find to figure out a way to load a banner. I have my very own way of thinking and my brain just won’t think in computerese. As my frustration mounted, so did my muttering. (Yes, I talk to myself. We have very interesting conversations. Neener neener)

I think Shaun finally got tired of my muttering because he asked if I would like some help. (What took him so long!) Then he asked me how I wanted my banner to look. I gave him some sort of vague answer involving slices of lemon (to go with the fun sunny look and tying into “make lemonade” and that sort of thing) or maybe slices of watermelon as summer was getting close.
Of course he just laughed at me because if it were his banner, it would have been completely planned and created before he even began to think about how to post it. (Could we be any different?) He took this as a challenge and when I woke up the next morning, he had my new banner all ready to go. I love it! It’s fun and colorful. It makes me happy He even figured out how to post it. What an amazing man!

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  1. mom says:

    I noticed that you had a new banner. How did you put the old one up? Shaun does good work, course we have always known that, why cause he tells us so. Hee hee
    I like it too. love ya me

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