Painted Baby

Mimi came up to me and said

“Mom, if you are going to take my picture, you better do it right now before it gets even more smeared.”

Oh. Apparently, I’ve been falling down on the job because it hadn’t even occurred to me to take Mimi’s picture. Or maybe I’ve just got those girls really well trained.

We had just gotten back from her school’s Family Fun Night and I was tired. It was a Renaissance Festival, celebrating the arts and science. I had been stressing out about how well received the year long art project I had led her class in would be. I had also been manning the recycled art project booth for the evening. (I was supposed to be helping Shaun man the photo booth, but…well…he and KT seemed to have had it under control)

I had also, in a small way, been mourning the fact that this would be our last family function at this school ever. Eight years at one school went by so quickly. I have a zillion photos of the girls at these events through out the years. It makes me sad to realize I missed this last chance to take photos at this, our last event. I didn’t get any shots of Mimi wearing her renaissance costume, making art projects, just goofing around with her friends or getting her face painted.

I will treasure these quick and silly shots of my little girl. I’m glad one of us had enough sense to get a picture taken of that evening

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