The Cook

The other morning I woke up and blearily made my way to the bathroom. I had just sat down when KT burst in filled with excitement.  (You’d think I could get some privacy by now!) She proudly announced that she was going to make breakfast for all of us. Um…Ok.  

So she went to work armed with wonderful recipes gleaned from the internet.  (How did we live without it?) I was just finishing up my first cup of coffee when she called us to the table.  She had whipped up some crepes with a savory cheese filling finished with a white sauce.  Thinking that was enough, she also made some really good scrambled eggs and banana oatmeal muffins. (The muffins were going to be apple, but she said that it was too hard to cut up the apple.  Huh?)

Then she sat down to bask in the rightly deserved praise that we all heaped upon her.  Well, that most of us heaped upon her.  Mimi, who has always been referred to as “the one who cooks” had a bit of a problem with all this new won fame her sister now had. One of our family jokes was that KT was always going to have to live near her sister so that she wouldn’t starve to death.  She could barely make herself toast or a pb&j.  Yep, it would be up to Mimi to keep her sister from starving to death.

Mimi just kept muttering that cooking was HER thing. KT couldn’t even make herself toast a month or two ago and now she was the cook?  It was just so unfair! Hmmm, maybe they start having cooking battles and I’ll never have to cook again!

I can’t wait to see what happens.  

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  1. mom says:

    you dreamer you!

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