The Sweetest Sound

This weekend I came home to the sweetest message ever on my answering machine. It was a little girl’s voice saying;

“Aunt Susie te amo!” or I love you Aunt Susie. Of course there was a lot of other things being repeated and giggled about, but that was clearly the most important part of the entire message. Just listening to it, my heart soared. I had both a huge grin and tears dripping down my face at the same time. You see, after years of waiting, hoping and praying, my baby brother and his wife finally had their new babies.

For reasons that I don’t recall, they chose El Salvador as the place to adopt their children from. They just happened to be out here visiting us back in August when they got the call that a set of twins had been chosen for them. Two beautiful girls that they should have by Christmas. It was so exciting!

Sadly, cutting through all that red tape took a bit longer than it should have. But the prize at the end is well worth it. Apparently they are all bonding well with each other. The girls are picking up English already and it’s becoming clear that twins truly are Double Trouble.

To see more photos of the lovelies and read a bit of their story, check out the website they’ve put up.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You must have the most wondeful brother in the whole world. Was he adopted at an early age?

  2. Kieth says:

    You are incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful brother.

  3. Brewer says:

    I cant believe how wonderfully blessed those little girls are to have such a hunky dad.

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