It's Self Portrait Friday


Once again it’s time for Self Portrait Friday.  This week, Kristine has asked us to post something that reflects:

1. Your Puzzle

2. Your Best (Your best what? YOU DECIDE!!)

3. Something “Old”

This was a toughie for me, but here goes…

1. My puzzle

There are a many, many things that puzzle me.  I could probably bore you to sleep with them. When I really think about it though, there is one thing that never ceases to puzzle me.  It’s my youngest child. She is just so mercurial that I can barely keep up with her.  She can be the sweetest angel one moment and seconds later she has turned into a raging monster.  I guess that’s part of her charm…I’m going to blame this one on her father and the red hair! spf-puzzle.jpg

2. My best

I have a lot of “best” things so this was hard to choose.  I went with my best kitchen utensil.  spf-best.jpg I use my strainer all the time.  Especially since we started with this whole vegetarian business.  I rinse pasta, fruit, veggies, rocks…you name it.  It’s starting to get a bit scratched and banged up, but I  figure that just adds character.

3. Something old:

Hmmm, lots of old things to choose from.  I chose my mother’s baking dish. spf-old.jpg Can you believe she was going to get rid of it!  I don’t know where it came from.  I can’t really remember it being used. But I do know that it was always just there through my childhood. I don’t use it nowadays.  I’m too afraid I will drop it and it will be lost forever.  It makes me happy to have.

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