The Track Season

Last Thursday, as we were finally getting the girls settled down to bed, Mimi asked me if I minded staying up late to make brownies for her track team party.  As soon as she saw that look I gave her, she quickly reassured me that she only needed to bring something if she wanted to.   As it was already 10:00, we decided that she didn’t really want to bring anything. (I know, I know…Bad Mom.  Both because she was up late on a school night and because I didn’t send in treats)  

That’s kind of how it’s been with her track team…very last minute.  A couple weeks ago, Mimi told me that she wanted to join the Track and Field Team at her school.  She and one of her friends felt sorry for the team as they hadn’t done so well at the first two meets.  So, I filled out the paperwork, wrote the check and sent it in with my little girl.  Within an hour I had an email back from the teacher asking if I could help out that afternoon!  When I checked the little square that asked if I would assist I didn’t really think they meant that same day!   Of course, I agreed to help and was assigned to do the high jump. 

Right before I left the house that afternoon, I got a phone call from Mimi.  The meet had been cancelled because they had heard thunder.  If I’m honest, I’d have to say that I was a bit relieved.  It had been pouring down hard rain and I just didn’t want to be out in that. 


The next week, it was pouring down rain.  Not the gentle mist we always have, but a deluge.  Still, there was no thunder so the meet was on.  Much to my amazement, the track field was actually covered with (gasp!) umbrellas! (We are so used to the rain here that umbrellas are rarely ever used…except by the tourists)  Our team didn’t do so well, but the kids all had a wonderful time.

Go Mimi

The next meet was called the Junior Olympics and was held at the local high school. It was a beautiful sunny day, just perfect for this event.  There was a wonderful sense of excitement in the air as the six elementary schools joined together to compete.  As there were so many kids, each one only got to compete in one event and do the relay if they chose.  So Mimi did the 50 yard dash and the relay.  She and the friend she joined with each won ribbons in both! (I’m going to leave out the part where I tell you that they were the lovely purple participant ribbons).

Even though Mimi joined late in the season, had no training and only competed in two meets, we’re still very proud of her for getting out there and working to get the job done.  (how’s that for a run on sentence?)

Maybe I’ll go make her some brownies.

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