Father's Day Antics

For Father’s Day, it has become our tradition to let Shaun do whatever he wants to do.  And we don’t get to complain.  (Well, at least not too much!) I’m not sure how this came about as it’s not always the wisest plan.  However, it’s our tradition, and we seem to be stuck with it. 

So this morning when I woke up, I gently removed the covers and quietly crept out of our room so as not to wake the Man of the Day. How was I to know that Shaun would come downstairs several hours later, upset that he had slept in so late?  Was I supposed to know that he wanted to get up early so that he could haul us all off-roading? It had gotten so late that we would have to find something else to do.  Darn.

After playing WoW for a while, Shaun announced that he wanted to see a movie.  He let us off the hook for The Omen because of Mimi’s fear of creepy movies. (Isn’t that a sweet Daddy)  He had an even better one that he wanted to see.  It was Nacho Libre. Oh Joy. 

We all piled in the Jeep and headed off to our favorite theater. This is the one that is nearly always deserted, has huge rocking seats and will let you refill the popcorn and pop as many times as you dare. (I sometimes wonder if this is a huge money laundering place for the Mob or something.  I just don’t understand how they stay in business.  I love them so much better than the huge movie chains though) Shaun decided that he needed to keep in character with the movie so he asked for his tickets in Spanish.  What really flustered the girl in the booth (and caused the girls and me to hide in the bushes) wasn’t so much that he spoke to her in Spanish, but the fact that he used his “booming announcer voice” to do so.  When Shaun realized that he had mortified his entire family, he just beamed with satisfaction.   
Inside the theater there are several containers of powdered popcorn flavorings.  They have these attached to the counter with some sort of thin bungee cord like stuff.  So today, Shaun did something he’s always wanted to do with them.  He pulled them all out at the same time and held them so that they could have a race. Despite the fact that there was only one other dad there (who actually thought it was a cool idea) it was still horrifying to come out of the restroom and witness.  Who knew going to the movies could be so traumatic?    

After the movie, (the really bad movie) Shaun skipped out to the Jeep, just like the hero of the movie would have.  He paused for a moment before driving us off to his favorite Mexican restaurant, and said,

“I like Father’s Day.  I’m getting away with a lot of stuff” 

Sigh…it’s a good thing it only happens once a year.  I’m not sure he would survive if it came any more often then that. 

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3 Responses to Father's Day Antics

  1. oddmix says:

    Sunds like fun. I like the bungee race idea.

  2. oddmix says:

    I just spent a while reading through your archives. Too bad you live all the way out there. I think Shaun and I may be twins separated at birth – the red beard, the asian food, the technology bent, the same… uh, hairstyle, love of offroading. The list goes on.

  3. I’m not sure the world could handle TWO of you! LOL It’s proably a good thing you are on separate coasts 🙂

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