I think I've been insulted

Shaun and I were chatting about this and that last night when he happened to mention that Ashley got a new hammock.  Then he added, quite incredulously that she had it set up in her dining room.   I think he rolled his eyes when I told him that it made perfect sense to me.  I saw no reason to have a fancy dining table when she even didn’t cook.  Ever.  

Me: Didn’t she take a cooking class?

Him: Nope, that was Rick.

Me: Rick?  Are you sure about that? I could’ve sworn Ashley was taking one with a friend of hers…

Him: Nope.  It was Rick and his wife.

Me: Hey, we could take a cooking class together!  That would be fun!

Him: Well, I don’t need to learn to cook.

Despite what he says, I can cook.  In fact, I think Ashley and I should whip him up a gourmet feast just to prove it to him.  We’ll make him something wonderfully impressive…like, um…toast! 

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5 Responses to I think I've been insulted

  1. ashleyav says:

    haha! I like that idea. And I was doing an informal cooking thing with a friend of mine…she was teaching me one thing a month…not sure what happened after March! But hey, I have a hammock in my dining room!

  2. LOL, LOL, LOL…Love this and it makes perfect sense to me..and I cook! Thanks for the visit and your very lovely comment..Do come back on June 27th for the “Virtual” Birthday Party!

  3. Ohhhh Ashley! That was just too easy! I was lining up a whole series to get you to start talking to me again and you folded with the first one! Tee Hee It’s just as well because I didn’t have phase II planned yet!!!

  4. ashley says:

    Sorry I’ve been away so long. I was slaving away preparing for my Instructors Exam. That silliness is over now though!

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