My child is so strange!

As predicted, KT set about sorting out the jelly beans just as soon as she came home from school.  blog-kt-and-beans.jpgShe needed more and more containers to accurately sort each flavor.  When she was all done she came to get me in order to show off her handy-work.  Amazingly, she was thrilled that I had brought the camera along.  She even coached me on where to stand to get the perfect(ish) shot of her sorted jelly beans. blog-beans.jpg

Once again, we are so very proud.

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2 Responses to My child is so strange!

  1. lynanne says:

    Those look like Jelly Belly beans. Of course you have to sort them! Otherwise you might end up with a peanut butter right one after a watermellon one. Ewww 🙂
    This sounds like something my son has done. Except he sorts M&M’s…I can’t come up with a good excuse for that.

  2. Ayla C. (13) says:

    I am sorting my Jelly Beans too!!! Did she get the 49 flavor pack, I did. before I sorted them the first time but now I have more. I was at my grandparents for a week, my perents left me there to go on a criuse alone, I was bored so I want to Food Lion and LOTS of Jelly Beans to organise to keep me ocquipied.

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