No dogfood for her!

Yesterday I went into our hall closet to get out the big bag of cat food that I keep in there.  I was going to refill the small tin I keep out as it was empty and my herd of cats thought they were starving to death.  Imagine my dismay when the big bag wasn’t in there.  I had completely forgotten that I had used the last of it the week before and hadn’t yet replaced it.  

Thinking quickly, I did the only logical thing possible. (Well, as I’m sure you are aware by now, logical for me isn’t always the same as logical for everyone else!) I ran downstairs, grabbed a handful of dog food and then nonchalantly placed some in the cats’ dish.  I held my breath as they sniffed at it for a moment then happily settled down to dine.  Catastrophe averted.

Well, not quite. (Like I really thought it would be that easy) Taigoo is our oldest cat.  We’ve had her even longer than we have had KT.  Because of this, she feels that she is Privileged.   She would not deign to eat dog food.  How disgusting.  So she set about following me around and meowing.  It started as a gentle, pitiful mew and gradually got louder and much more demanding.   I told her to just eat the dog food like everyone else and then, logically, turned the music up.  Sadly it didn’t help much.  

I finally gave in and went to the store to get her some cat food.  While I was out, I decided that I would run a few errands as well.  When I finally came home, it was to an outraged cat.  She hadn’t forgotten what I had left the house for and was not pleased that I had taken so long.   So I apologized to her and set about putting my groceries away to the tune of Taigoo’s yowling.  It seemed as though I just couldn’t move fast enough for her.  Then the worst imaginable thing happened.  I realized that I completely forgot to buy the one thing I had gone to the store for.  There was still no cat food.  I once again told Taigoo to just suck it up and eat dog food like everyone else.  Then, logically, I turned the music up even louder.  

Who knew that our small aging cat could be so vociferous?  Our prima donna wasn’t about to give up that easily.  I finally had to admit defeat and feed her something other than dog food.  As I wasn’t quite up to another trip to the store, (who know what I would come home with?) I had to find her something else. Taigoo was finally happy to find herself feasting on a tin of fancy white albacore.  It seemed to be the logical solution.  

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  1. Mama says:

    and I would expect nothering less from my oldest granddaughter. Good for her, making you treat her the way a royal princess should be treated. Love that CAT! Mama

  2. hemlock says:

    That’s hilarious. Great story! Somehow we always seem to avert such a catastrophe.

  3. Lee says:

    funny story…unfortunately this morning we ran out of dog food and cat food (there was a new bag of dog food in the trunk that we forgot to get out)…luckily there was enough to make breakfast and stretched with some treats and cookies we made dinner…thank goodness it was grocery nite 🙂

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