Sorting it out

Ever since she was a tiny girl, KT has loved to organize and sort things.  (I have NO idea where she got this alien trait from).  She would sort books, videos, buttons, stuffed animals, candy…anything really.  It has always amazed me how it seemed to relax and calm her.

Tonight Shaun came home with a huge bag of assorted jelly beans.  He told the girls they could have some after dinner.  Well, dinner ended up being pretty late and the girls needed to get ready for bed right afterwards.  I told them they could each have a few jelly beans before they headed for the showers. 

Mimi was happy with that, but KT had a look of intense dismay on her face.  She didn't want to eat any of the colorful candies…she wanted to sort them out! The thought of that bag of jelly beans just sitting there all jumbled up simply exasperated her.  They needed her to sort them out right then.

We ended up getting her to bed with the promise that she could sort out the jelly beans just as soon as she gets home from school tomorrow.  And you can be sure that as soon as KT gets off that bus tomorrow, she'll be happily sorting out those jelly beans.

Some things never change.   


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