Can you believe it’s already Friday again? Well Kristine has us on another mission and I’m doing my best to comply. This week we are asked to find:

1. Your Drinking Glasses.

spf-glasses.jpgThese are my bright happy glasses that I love so much.  I also have the smaller size, but they all seem to be in the dishwasher.  You may have figured out by now that I’m all about bright colorful things!
2. Your Address book/Stationary spf-22-addy-book.jpg

I used to have a handy dandy rolodex that I carted around me whenever I needed to have my addresses.  A few years ago I transfered pretty much all of it over to an online version.  I printed a copy of it out just in case we have crash.  (Let’s just avoid those, shall we?)

spf-hat.jpgThis is Shaun’s brand new Aussie hat that he got for driving down the open road in his Jeep.  He needed something to keep the sun off that fair skin of his.  Doesn’t he look fierce? He got tired of smiling so I told him to just look mean then…the ol’ teddy bear!

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