SPF While the cat's away…

zspfheader.jpg This week, the lovely Kristine is out of town so her fiance has taken over.  He does things just a little differently.  🙂

1. Something with a story behind it.Photograph something that has a story behind it. And yes, you might have to actually write a little bit on this one. Good, sad, funny, made-up….does it really matter? It IS the internet. Be creative.

zbradlydsc_0121.jpgThis is Bradley.  He’s a really neat guy that we met  when he  moved here a few years ago from the Australian Outback.  He works with Shaun and they have become buddies.  Every once in a while a herd of photographing co-workers would go out shooting.  They end up in whatever the chosen area and compete to get the best photo.  Now, on this particular occasion they were all in downtown Seattle or maybe it was Ballard, I’m really not sure.  They turned the corner and ran into the Gum Wall.  Bradley had never seen anything quite like this.  He knew what gum was and found the whole idea of it rather disgusting.  But the thought of an entire wall filled with pre-chewed gum was fascinating to him. He had to get the perfect shot.  Bradley got closer and closer not realizing how close his lens had gotten until he tried to put it down.  That’s when he realized exactly how sticky and gooey warm gum can be when you stick your lens into it.  Yes, he managed to get it out and all cleaned up.  His legacy lives on though…they are still calling him “Gummy”

2. A Random and Odd photo.Pick anything. z-stlolendsc_0076.jpgA picture you’ve taken, one that you’ve found on the net. Doesn’t matter. I’m making the rules, so don’t tell me what your usual blogger tells you to do! For this picture, the reader on your blog needs to write a story or caption for your picture, so get something unique.

OK, you heard the man…tell me about this picture!

3. In keeping with the recurring wedding theme, a photo of something borrowed.

zspborrowed.jpgThis is my cat Boyo in his borrowed finery.  One day he ran away.  I have no idea why…

Did you play?

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22 Responses to SPF While the cat's away…

  1. Just to let you know, it’s quite possible that I may have embellished a little bit about Bradley. That’s his real name, but I think he’s from Kansas or something…

  2. delaine says:

    That was a great story but the wall of gum is so icky.

    Paris Hilton spotted at the bar in Milan while vacationing. (circa 2063)

    I played.

  3. Shna says:

    Great shots. Love the gum story, although the wall is kinda gross.

    Ethel was beginning to regret not bringing her teeth.

  4. kim says:

    my caption: retirement rocks!

    happy SPF and i played, too.

  5. nodramas says:

    Caption : Do you think the rose on my hat clashes with my outfit??

    What a pretty kitty, and ewww poor Gummy 🙂

    Happy SPF, I played to.

  6. Kami says:

    What a cute kitty!! Sorry that he ran away.

  7. Teena says:

    Cool picks! The bubble gum wall is freaky!

    I played 🙂

  8. Jana says:

    My caption: Iced coffee really hits the spot when you’re on safari.

    I played!

  9. gail says:

    cool gum story!

    caption: Hat day at Starbucks.

    I played.

  10. After the last Match.com fiasco Ethel was always going to look her best.
    I played (incorrectly however- I didn’t read directions)

  11. Sheri says:

    Love the pic of the gum wall. As for the caption of the second pic-ooo, that’s a hard one. She looks quite happy, content and hmmm, confident! Like she really doesn’t care what anyone thinks!

    I played.

  12. Torie says:

    Okay, I’m horrible with these captions – though that is a great photo. I love the story of poor gummy. I don’t think I would get that close to that wall. Germs – yuck. Great photos.
    I played

  13. Very cute kitty.

    I played.

  14. Suzanne R says:

    Gum wall? A novelty I could live without! LOL!

    Caption: At my age, who cares about the cholestrol: go for it!

    Poor kitty — said by a true cat lover. (I’m surprised he didn’t find me! LOL!)

    I played!

  15. Uzz says:

    You have no idea how many times a day I do the same thing as in picture 1…I am ALWAYS looking for a different view of something! Great shot!

    I played as well!

  16. Lisa says:

    Love the gum wall story!

    My caption “Bring me another white Russian, bartender!”

    Happy SPF and thanks for stopping by mine earlier.

  17. Tammy says:

    Yes. Can’t imagine why the cat would run away! 🙂

  18. That gum wall was what we here in Philly would call “Disturbingly Informative.” (we have a museum of medical oddities and that is its slogan) The kitty picture made me laugh. And maybe feel a little bit bad for him. But not really. 🙂

    My caption: “If you can’t match your drink to your outfit… what’s the point?”

  19. Nichole M says:

    “Thanks for buying me this drink. So… now we go back to your place, right?”

    Great story… gummy… lol!

  20. Chelle says:

    Awesome pics! I’ve never done SPF. Is it open to anybody?

    You mentioned on my blog the other day that you’re only 40 mins from Tukwila. We’re in Vancouver BC. Are you north, south, east or west of Tukwila?
    I think a get together may just be in order! 🙂

    Caption: Red hat, red rose, whatever! I make this thing look good!

  21. Janet says:

    “Grandma kissed the napkin, put it on the table in front of her, and said to him, “I double dog dare you!”

    Nice pictures 🙂

  22. Kether says:

    There’s a gum alley like that in San Luis Obispo, CA.

    Great pics!

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