It’s Friday (just barely!) and Kristine has posted a brand new challenge. Gaudy stuff is right up my alley! Can you believe I actually admit that? Anyways, she asks us to post

1. Something ‘Sparkly’
2. Something ‘Dull’
3. Something ‘Colorful’

1. Something ‘Sparkly’

This is Mimi’s phone. She decided it needed some “bling” so she set about fixing it up. Isn’t amazing what a tube of Super Glue and some rhinestones can do? She loves this phone. Oh, the 2 missing calls? That would be me trying to figure out where I put her phone down at while I went to get the camera. I was worried for a bit that I had put it in the washing machine. Whew! Was I glad when I found it. Just imagine trying to explain that to her!

2. Something ‘Dull’

I asked Shaun what something dull would be and his response was that he hoped it wasn’t him! That made me realize dull is beyond a color (or lack of or something like that!) Then as I was setting my coffee up so it would be waiting for me in the morning I realized I had it. My coffee pot has a dull gleam (possibly caused by all those finger prints) and I’m pretty dull before I’ve had my morning coffee.

3. Something ‘Colorful’

note: blogger won’t let me upload this right now for some reason. I’ll try again in the morning. 🙁

Another note: It’s morning and I still can’t load any photos even in a seperate post. I think you all are doing a great job “seeing” the flowers on you own anyways! Carry on folks!

This are the very colorful flowers that I bought to celebrate the first day of June. Aren’t they colorful? Aren’t they fun? Aren’t they gaudy? They make me smile and that’s all that matters. (I told you I like gaudy things! Shaun took one look at them, turned up his nose and informed me that he would never bring me flowers like that)

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0 Responses to SPF

  1. Love the flower photos. Oh, right they’re all in my mind- I’m sure they are fabulous though.

  2. Jen says:

    Love the dull pic. That’s perfect. I bet the flowers are great too. LOL Love the phone! Very creative!

    Happy SPF! I played too.

  3. Kami says:

    Okay, I SO want to bedazzle my cell phone, but I am 31. Do you think I can get away with it?

    I played.

  4. Teena says:

    Luv the pix! Great SPF!

    I played 🙂

  5. Jana says:

    Cool cell phone!

    I played!

  6. Very clever with the cell phone. I so heart your coffee maker (is that the grind & brew?)

    Have a great weekend.

  7. Cheeky says:

    Love the cell phone – my daughter would so do that if she saw this.

    Great SPF – I played

  8. gail says:

    nice phone, happy spf!
    I played.

  9. Janet says:

    oooh what beautiful flowers 🙂

    I played!

  10. Mama says:

    I was reading all of the comments re your fridays assignments. I think that it would be fun for all of you to have one blog (together) that you can put all of your stuff on ie in a central place. I want to see the (real) flowers. I am intitled. after all I am your Mother.

  11. Lori says:

    Oooh, I like the phone!

  12. Suzanne R says:

    Blogger was being the pits to me today, too. Love your SPF!

    I played — I’m new!

  13. I have the same coffee pot. It does get dull, but it makes some great java!
    Happy SPF and thanks for stopping by mine.

  14. Torie says:

    I love that you sparkled up your cell.
    I played

  15. Honeysuckle says:

    That phone is da bomb, man. I’m going to have to fix mine up now.

    The gaudy flowers, love ’em.

    Thanks for stopping by earlier.–>

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