Those lovely brown eggs

KT: Mama, are those eggs OK?

Me: Huh?

KT: The eggs, they're BROWN! Are they safe to eat?

Me: Of course they are.

KT: OK.  Ummmm, why did you buy brown ones?

Me: Because they are organic.

KT: Ooohhhhh

She nodded her head, clearly impressed with me as she walked away.  It's probably a good thing that I didn't tell her the real reason I bought the organic eggs.  I really bought them because I wanted a cardboard egg carton instead of the yucky styrofoam.  And, no….I wasn't being a typical green Seattlite, it's just that, well…you can't really glue things to styrofoam as well as to cardboard.  I need to be able to use glue with them.

Is that bad?

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3 Responses to Those lovely brown eggs

  1. OddMix says:

    No, it’s not bad. And the conversation is hysterical. Do you suppose she now thinks that the eggs are brown BECAUSE they are organic?

  2. Well…aren’t they?? 🙂

  3. Beth says:

    Ha! I say do whatever works. I’ve been known to buy brown eggs because I just think they’re neat. But I think the egg color depends on the type of chicken or something. ??? Doesn’t Martha Stewart have chickens that lay pastel eggs? Okay, we’ll leave Martha out of it… ;^)

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