Not too long ago, Shaun told me that he thought our cats had worms.  While the thought of our critters having a parasite was disgusting, I merely grunted and put it on the end of the long list of things that I had to do.  That was before I found a long wiggling worm in my hallway.

Now, I’ve never been the squeamish type.  Not much in the critter world fazes me.  In fact one of the reasons Shaun said he really liked me when we first started dating was because I thought his snakes were kinda interesting. Over the years we’ve had snakes, lizards, frogs, cockroaches, scorpions, tarantulas…well you name it, and most likely we’ve had it.  (Except for a monkey… I had to draw the line somewhere!) There is however, one creature that gives me the willies.  That would be worms. I really can’t think of any reason for them to terrify me. Well other than the fact my father forced me to hold one when I was a young child.  It’s been a few decades and I’m still not over the trauma.  (Nor have I forgiven him!)

Needless to say, finding that worm in my hallway landed taking care of the cats at the top of the To Do List.  I was spurred into action and the cats were de-wormed faster than you can say meow.  Yet still, I would find a worm in the hallway, in front of my bedroom door nearly every morning.   I had to resort to paying KT to take them outside for me as I couldn’t bear to do so myself.  It was so awful that I could no long walk barefooted in my own home…who knew what those evil worms would do to me?

Then one day, as we sat at the table playing a game, I looked up and saw our crazy cat Lucy carrying something in.  Something very odd.  Shaun got up to look closer and picked up the object she had brought in.  I couldn’t contain the shriek the spilled out of me.  My crazy CAT had been catching earthworms! 

Naturally, Shaun felt the need to chase me around the table with that fiendish worm.  Mimi was running and screaming right along side me while KT stood off to the side howling with laughter.  (I did mention that I have three kids, right?)

Shortly after that, Lucy stopped bringing in worms.  I’m not sure if that was due to the long talk we had or not.  (I talk to her a lot but she never answers)  Recently though, I’ve been finding horsetails in the hall.  That Lucy…

And no, I still haven’t forgiven Shaun yet. 

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5 Responses to Worms

  1. Shaun says:

    I am sad Lucy doesn’t bring worms in anymore. She stopped shortly after I discovered how ridiculously fun it is to terrorize my family with them 🙂

  2. Jay says:

    That’s hilarious. Cat’s love to bring little presents to people. It wouldn’t be so bad except they usually bring LIVE presents in the house!

  3. Mom says:

    I don’t believe that I will be coming to your house for several years, maybe after all of your cats die. Mom

  4. Di says:

    I came to look at the SPF but that it tooooo funny! 🙂 The worms cats get don’t look anything like earthworms btw. lol

  5. j.a. says:

    And I wanted you to go fishing with me!!!!

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