If I only were a nerd…

(You are singing this the same way the scarecrow does, aren’t you?)

In our house, it’s a good thing to be a nerd. We pride ourselves on the fact that our children often have their nose stuck in a book and are active members of the school science and math clubs. We think nothing of seeing highly technical math and coding books used as light reading. We are a nerd family.

Well…except for me. I have a little bit of a problem with technology. I try, I really do try, but most types of logical thinking elude me. I’m very proud of the fact that I can set my alarm clock. I’ve also figured out how to program my coffee maker. Beyond that…well…I need help.

KT never hesitates to roll her eyes at me as she gently nudges me aside to reprogram the clock on the microwave after the power goes out. She doesn’t even bother asking me to change the CD on her little boom box anymore. I think she’s figured out that it’s much quicker to do it herself even if I’m sitting right next to it because I can never remember which button I’m supposed to push to open it.

On the rare occasions that I watch TV, I’m not allowed to use the remote. I watch in amazement as our little Mimi zips through the Media Center, selecting programs to record and playing the ones she wants. Heck, I can’t even seem to be able to fast forward through the commercials without messing it all up. 

Shaun seems to regard me as one of the World’s Greatest Curiosities. He sometimes sits and just watches me try to figure work my way through some sort of program. He laughs as he asks me why on earth I would choose that way to do something. He often tells me that while most UI programmers use their aging grandmothers as examples of the highly inept users, he uses me. (Gee, thanks Darlin’)

On the positive side, even if I can’t figure out all this new-fangled technical stuff, at least I’m clever enough to surround myself with those who can!

Just a note: This morning I was going to write about pirates. I have a really cute picture of KT that I wanted to use with my text. I was going to scan the photo as I can’t find a digital copy of it. Only…I’ve been having technical problems. My computer won’t recognize the scanner. So I thought I would connect the scanner to my aging laptop. No problem scanning, but all the little toolbars that live on my laptop seems to have disappeared and left a big purple flower. Now I can’t figure out how to get the image from my laptop to the big computer. Or even send it from the laptop. Are you as confused as I am? Personally, I think it must be gremlins. Sigh…one more week ‘til Shaun comes home…

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