Just for fun

On the way home from school today, KT and I stopped at the library so that I could pick up one of my books that I had on hold.  Of course, we had to wander around a bit and see what other yummy stuff we could find.

When I was finally ready to go, I went on a search for the girl.  I found her settled at one of the computers looking at blogger.com.  When I asked her what she was doing, she got a huge grin and proudly told me that she was starting a blog.  She wanted to document our trip to California next week.  (I think she was just starting to feel a bit left out).

So, I gently guided her away from the troublesome Blogspot and she now has a new blog at the Blessed WordPress.  (can you tell how frustrated I got with blogger?)  She has been warned not to give too much personal information and to tell everyone about our dobermans and her crazy father who is out on parole (but wouldn’t mind going back if it was for good reason) and is now ready to release on the world. 

If you are so inclined, she would be thrilled to get a friendly “hello” at her new blog

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7 Responses to Just for fun

  1. Good on you, Mom! You have to be proud.

  2. Jay says:

    That’s pretty cool. I wish there had been blogs when I was a teenager.

    Oh, and you forgot to mention her dad’s itchy trigger finger. And, how mom practices voodoo and has a whole bunch of voodoo dolls just lying a round and how she is looking for people to practice her evil spells on. haha

  3. Now that is TOO cute!!! A dad out on parole? That’ll keep the boys away for sure! 😉
    My daugther and I made a video today with our webcam and she INSISTED I put in on my blog (glup). Would have helped if I combed my hair first. Anyway, thanks for stopping by again. Summer is so hard to update and keep up with everyone!!! Hope you’re having a good summer.

    Mom of Sweetie

  4. oddmix says:

    Greeting delivered. She is a cute one, that KT. Shaun had better be stocking up on baseball bats to beat off the boyfriends. 😉

  5. Kell says:

    Y’all have an albino African bullfrog?!? I’ve never seen such a thing. And how cool that you are guiding her through the blogging world.

  6. KTP says:

    That is so. Cute. I for one can WAIT for those years. I am happy to live the life of a teen’s parent vicariously for now.

  7. Susan says:

    Lady. Thanks!

    Jay: You’re right, I DID forget to mention all those things!

    M o S: We’re hoping being out on parole keeps everything under control…especially when they find out what he was in for

    OM: Baseball bats? We don’t need no stinkin’ baseball bats! He’s got his BARE HANDS!!!

    Kell: Yep, Mr. Frog is just one of those things that appeared one day. I’m glad she’s more interested in blogs than MySpace

    KTP: Vicariously is much easier than the reality. Some of those mood swings…but then again, you have a toddler…

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