KT and the kats

We have cats.  We have a LOT of cats.  KT has this thing about bringing me a cat.  If my lap happens to be empty and KT notices it, in just a few mintues she will have located one of the cats and plopped it on me.  This time, she has a a cat and demanded that I take her picture.  Then she proceeded to bring me every cat in the house to have it’s picture taken with her.  Except Baby Nigel.  Somehow he found out what was happening and went into hiding.  We’ll find him eventually, but for now, here’s KT and the Kats

zzzzlucy.jpgWith Lucy.  Our Wacko Cat.

zzzbuddy.jpgBuddy…Mr. Mellow himself

sissy.jpg Sissy who really doesn’t want to be held.

zzzzgoey.jpgAnd the Grand Dame, Taigoo

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