My petty revenge

I hadn’t planned on volunteering at Day Camp. I just sorta ended up as a volunteer. I happen to have a very persuasive friend, a weakness for Girl Scouts, a child that has gone to camp nearly every year and being unable to say “no” with ease. So all this week, I have been working as a volunteer at Girl Scout Day Camp. In a word, it’s exhausting.

I had been assigned to work with the Pixies. These are the preschool age children of the other volunteers. There are only three of them, and I have a teenage aid, but I swear they are more work than a unit of 12 eight year olds. I’ve been coming home every night hot, sweaty, sore, yet content. These little munchkins require constant attention, and they are so excited that they never, ever get tired! (I wish I could figure out how to bottle that energy)

Each day, two of the mothers thank me profusely for caring for their child all day long. The third mother does a tiny bit of chit chat then turns and walks away without another word. The first day I was shocked and a little on the angry side. Then I got realistic. There’s no rule that says you have to be polite. So, I did what my mother taught me to do in instances like this. I began to plot my revenge.

It shouldn’t come as any great shock that this one child has no manners at all. When angry, the little cherub screams as loud as possible. The simple words “Please”, “thank you” and “your welcome” seem to be unknown. I’ve made it my mission to teach manners this week. I am so pleased with the response. It only takes a silly look to remind him to use good manners.

I realize that one week of prompting won’t change things. I just like to think of what the look on that mother’s face would be when her child shocks her with those unfamiliar words.

The revenge may be petty, but it’s mine!

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2 Responses to My petty revenge

  1. Jay says:

    I can see it now.
    Kid: “Could you please get me the milk Mommy … thank you very much”


    Then, you’ll get a phone call …

  2. oddmix says:

    Way to go! What fitting revenge when the little one starts demanding maners of her mother – and she will.

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