Random kid conversation #42

KT and I were driving down the road, belting it out along with the radio when all of a sudden she made the strangest statement.  Usually I can tell where she’s going with something, but this one rare time, she had me confused.

 KT: Grandpa’s a Hobbit.  (can you tell what she’s been into lately?)

Me: Huh?

KT: Well, except for the fact that he’s really tall.  He’s about three times as big as a Hobbit.  Maybe he’s just a Giant Hobbit…

Me: What ARE you talking about?

KT: Grandpa! He likes to work with his hands, so he’s a Hobbit. 

I jotted this down and tucked it into the book I had been reading so I wouldn’t forget this.  I found the slip of paper yesterday and read it to my girl.  She said “Oh, that’s right!” Then she ran off to her room to grab a book.  She came back and told me that he was a __(I can’t remember what she said)____ Hobbit because he liked to work with wood

Although she’s clearly explained herself, I’m still at a loss.  The only thing I can make of this is that I must be half Hobbit!

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4 Responses to Random kid conversation #42

  1. Jay says:

    Does he have pointy ears and furry feet? Maybe he’s not 100% Hobbit. You know, like maybe 1/4 Hobbit or something.

  2. Chelle P. says:

    Well then I’m 99.9% Hobbit because my maiden name is Hobbis! LOL

  3. Susan says:

    maybe not pointy and furry, but BIG! Does that count?

    Chelle, I had no idea! Are your ears pointy and feet furry? According to Jay that’s a definite sign…

  4. krazykaitie says:

    *sighs* He isn’t a REAL hobbit!

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