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Yep, it’s time for SPF, the photo game that ANYONE can play! (Kristine said so!)

She must be feeling a bit feisty this week as she has an interesting assignment.  We’ve been asked to post:

Something mean looking

Our weapons

Our hiding spot

OK, here goes!

-Something mean looking


This is a key chain that KT got in Korea.  It’s called a “monster mask” tile and it lives on her backpack.  We have a few other Korea pieces, but they all have smiles on them…takes away the mean look…

-Your weapons


The girls have some pretty scary weapons that they use in martial arts, but those aren’t mine.  The ones I use, (modeled by KT) look much more mundane, but they are way more deadly! I use the End Dust to zap the back of Shaun’s head when his smart mouth gets away from him.  (Is it any wonder that he’s now bald?)

The squrt bottle is the best way I have found to get the girls to stop aruging.  They may ignore my words, but a few squirts helps them resolve issues right away.  It’s a very effective form of “Mama Magic”!

-Your hiding place

My secretsecret hiding place in the house is the inside of the oven.  Unfortunately, everyone knows about it.  I’m too attached to it to go find another one!

Did you play?

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