WWC Happy Birthday!


Just because it’s the Odd Man’s birthday, he thinks we should post pictures of Gift and Giver.  Well, who am I to argue with the Birthday Boy?



This weekend my girlfriend offered us the gift of hanging out in an air-conditioned room and play in the pool with them.  In this raging heat wave, it was a highly appreciated gift!



This is my friend JA (she’s the taller one!) She has got to the most caring and giving person I have ever been honored to know.  In the nearly ten years that I have known her, I have watched her time and time again give generously of her time, money and heart.   She truly is one of the good guys.  (gals)

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10 Responses to WWC Happy Birthday!

  1. Chelle P. says:

    Oh Susan! You’ve outdone yourself. The colours in pic 1 are sooo yummy. Yummy! *sigh of happy thoughts of swimming*

    Pic 2 is beautiful. I love the use of b&w.

    Well done!

  2. Marla says:

    Beautiful. I love how black and white turns a picture into a portrait.

  3. graymama says:

    I just want to jump into the first shot! It is nice how you caught part of the inner tube, as well to add some childhood whimsy to it 🙂 The emotion of altruism really shines through in the second shot. Wonderful!

  4. Jay says:

    The pool in the first shot looks so enticing! I would love to dive in.

    Great shots!

  5. Kristina says:

    Those are great photos! I love how the first one has kind of a monochromatic feel even though the inner tube is pink – where it shines more of a purple is what ties it in and makes it work in that way. The second photo is a beautiful portrait, plain and simple. Nicely done!

  6. Oh that first pic looks mighty refreshing as I sit here with my clothes sticking to my body.

    And the second pic….kind and giving people always have that special look – a wonderful soul that you can see in their eyes. It’s perfectly captured in your picture.

  7. Both shots are beautiful!!

  8. Tink says:

    The first picture is so VIVID! I love how the raft is sort of floating out of the scene too.

  9. oddmix says:

    Both shots are very nice, but I love the first one! Fantastic!

  10. Susan says:

    I think I’m starting to blush. You guys are all so supportive! Thanks!

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